Where words fail, music speaks

Hans Christian Anderson


“Music can change the world because music changes people”

Transform your life through music.

Conductology ©

A scientifically proven music improvisation system that significantly enhances creative ability, confidence and self-esteem, self-efficacy and challenge and social interaction among individuals with and without intellectual disabilities.

1-1 Mentoring Programme

A mentoring programme for SEN children and young people, or those affected with mental health issues. Bespoke packages designed for the client’s particular needs.

Teaching music to SEN students and how to get results FAST

An informative and clearly designed programme that will provide student teachers, music students, community music facilitators, musicians, teachers, professionals and parents with expertise, solutions, techniques, and tips for success.

“Music can change the world because music changes people”


What others say…

Whilst at university studying music, I met Denise. I quickly realised that she is a very dedicated, outgoing and approachable person. I, like others, would agree that when you meet her she makes a lasting impression due to her enthusiasm. Thanks to Denise I know what career path I would like to follow…..music and intellectual disability.

Eileen Quinn

Music Graduate, Ulster University

Denise White is an exceptional woman. Everywhere she goes she helps transform the lives of those she meets. Through music and creativity, Denise truly has a talent for seeing something in people that they don’t see themselves and helping them become the best they can be-encouraging, inspiring and believing. Denise White is a stand out in the field of music creativity.

Conor Doherty


My daughter Grace aged 12 years who has Down Syndrome, has been going to Denise for piano lessons for quite a few years. Denise is a wonderful person with years of experience working with children with learning disabilities. She is very patient, kind and understanding. Grace looks forward to her lesson every week.

Sharon Kirk

It’s a pleasure for BBC Music Day to acknowledge and celebrate her efforts.

Bob Shennan

BBC Radio and Music Director

Denise represents everything there is within music in the community and breaking down barriers.

I have seen her work closely with both able-bodied and non-able bodied musicians but there is no difference in her approach.

There are no barriers when Denise takes control of an ensemble. She pushes things to a whole new level. She transfers her groundbreaking teaching innovations to varied ensembles.

Her work is life-changing because I see it and hear it after each practice with the ensembles Denise works with.

Ryan Rodgers

Music Technical Officer at Anglia Rushkin University

Denise is a huge inspiration and has given a musical voice to some very special people. She has tapped into something which she saw had the potential to make a real difference to the lives of those who need it most. She has an exceptional way with young people inspiring them to want to be there and is patient, kind, fun, and down to earth.

Patricia Green

For almost two years I have worked alongside Denise. During that time as a composer, performer and software developer, I have relied heavily on the experience, kind nature and above all, dedication to music making for all, that Denise White has given generously. Her doctoral research has inspired me not only to look at how I can compose music with a better understanding of musical expression in musicians of varying abilities, but even to examine the possibility of machine learning as a tool to create software instruments to better achieve that goal. She is an inspiration, a truly ground-breaking researcher within inclusive music making and the cohesive force behind much of what we do and how we work together

Lewis Smith

Composer and Researcher