How to Unlock your special needs child’s communication and remedy their anxiety: The 4 Keys every parent and caregiver needs’ is a detailed and insightful programme allowing parents and caregivers to understand and implement effective strategies and activities. Dr Denise has developed this 4 week programme based on her many years working in the field of special needs. Many parents and professionals have asked Dr Denise about how she gains such effective outcomes and therefore she has compiled this programme to help others.

I get asked a huge range of questions, ‘My son is nonverbal. Will he ever be able to communicate with us?’, ‘My daughter has severe anxiety. Is there anything we can do to remedy this?’, ‘My daughter has no confidence and finds it hard to communicate. What can be done?’, ‘My son’s behaviour is out of control. We do not know what is causing the outbursts or how we can help him?’

In response to this, ‘How to Unlock your special needs child’s communication and remedy their anxiety: The 4 Keys every parent and caregiver needs’ is designed to meet this demand for help, guidance, resources, and support. Dr Denise has specifically created this programme for parents and caregivers, allowing them to gain expert knowledge, practical tips, resources, and activities on how to implement effective strategies that will encourage their child to develop their vocabulary, communicate with others, and grow in confidence with limited anxiety.

By the end of the programme, parents and caregivers will be able to: understand how communication skills can be enhanced and developed; use effective strategies and activities to remedy anxiety; nurture social and emotional wellbeing; use positive reinforcement and creative approaches; and have a wealth of resources to use at home consistently. Participants will also gain exclusive access to a private community where we work through the programme together. They will also get direct access to Dr Denise for an hour each week.

This course is suitable for anyone who is a parent of a child within the range of 0-18 years old, or a professional working with children within this age group.

By the end of this course, the participant will be able to: realize the importance of the creative mind: enhance a child’s creativity by involving them in a wide range of practical activities; have valuable knowledge on creativity; understand the importance of discovery and exploration; appreciate the impact of a positive learning environment; acknowledge the power of improvisation; know how music strengthens bonds; recognize that a creative mind does not cost money; appreciate how music activities can promote learning; know how music can enhance confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy and social interaction; understand how music can heal, empower and transform.

Participants will also gain direct access to Dr Denise via a private Facebook page for support and advice.

Registration opens four times per year and places are limited.

Whilst at university studying music, I met Denise. I quickly realised that she is a very dedicated, outgoing and approachable person. I, like others, would agree that when you meet her she makes a lasting impression due to her enthusiasm. Thanks to Denise I know what career path I would like to follow… and intellectual disability.

Eileen Quinn

Music Graduate, Ulster University

Denise White is an exceptional woman. Everywhere she goes she helps transform the lives of those she meets. Through music and creativity, Denise truly has a talent for seeing something in people that they don’t see themselves and helping them become the best they can be-encouraging, inspiring and believing. Denise White is a stand out in the field of music creativity.

Conor Doherty