Speaker & Trainer

Denise has been an Invited Speaker at numerous education and music events nationally and internationally. A dynamic Speaker, she has enthused and inspired many audiences. As a Trainer in special music education and inclusive creativity, Denise hosts innovative training workshops which change perception and break down barriers. Her positive attitude, enthusiastic nature, and wealth of knowledge and expertise drive inclusion to a new level.

Music Courses and Masterclasses

Denise is a highly experienced music and inclusion masterclass leader.

She has developed dynamic and innovative inclusive music models and is an expert in music improvisation and intellectual disability.

Her courses are available online and her Masterclasses are held four times per year in various cities.

Music, Inclusion and Creativity Training

Denise has a strong background in managing traditionally modern specialist education sites for children and young adults of different ages with learning difficulties, autism, and challenging behaviour. She is a passionate education advocate with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a student’s imagination and breed success.

Denise runs a private online or face-to-face clinic specialising in bespoke training and mentoring packages for individuals, groups, or organisations.


I have over 25 years’ experience in delivering successful programmes that empower and transform.


Creative, bespoke and unique packages to help enhance your life and become the very best happy you.


Direct access to Dr Denise and her expertise in full potential, achievement and success.