Shaun was a timid boy when I first met him. He had little confidence and severe anxiety. He had no musical experience and he found school life difficult. I saw something in Shaun that I see in all the individuals I work with, and that is potential. Shaun, like every other human being on this planet has potential. Potential to grow and develop. Potential to be the very best they can be. Potential to be happy, proud, alive, and confident. Potential to be a great musician. Over the past few years, Shaun and I have worked closely on various music programmes. Realising the power of music, Shaun became involved wholeheartedly. He did all the hard work, and I guided him and praised his efforts. Shaun worked intensely on music programmes which I designed for him. I challenged him, and most importantly, I believed in him.

Today, Shaun works collaboratively in music ensembles. He performs, he composes, he conducts, and he tutors. He speaks to many audiences about the power of music and how it has turned his life around. Shaun travels many places and engages vibrantly with audiences, inspiring them and educating them.

So how did this dramatic transformation come about? It certainly was not overnight. With many subtle changes and an intense, fun and easy-to-use music programme, Shaun’s confidence soared. His learning all revolved around music. Pop, rock, jazz, blues, country, and classical.

Shaun loves all genres and is open to trying anything. He is not afraid of failure, as there is no failure in our music programmes. He smiles as he learns and discovers new sounds, new sound combinations, and new musical knowledge. He is proud of all his achievements.

Throughout Shaun’s transformation, he thought he was solely learning music. But he wasn’t. He was learning language skills, social skills, numeracy, science, citizenship, and self-awareness. He realised the importance of self-belief, self-determination, and challenge. He embraced all of this and has become the amazing man that he is today. Shaun’s music journey to be continued soon…